Real Estate 101: A Guide To Who's Who In Your First Real Estate Transaction


For many people, buying and selling real estate is the largest transaction they will ever be involved in. It can be unnerving to sit at a table full of people you don't know and sign paperwork to buy or sell a quarter of a million dollars worth of property or more. It helps to know who's who at the table and what team they are on.  Neutral Parties 1. Appraiser: The appraiser works for the buyer's bank.

2 November 2018

Strange Things To Will To An Heir, And Whether It's Allowed By Law


When you decide to visit a wills attorney, you may have some unusual questions about what you can leave to heirs. There have been a lot of strange things left to unusual heirs for unusual purposes in times past. Here are just a few examples, and the outcome of the legal battles surrounding these unusual "gifts." Frozen Embryos, Eggs, and Sperm The frozen products of conception are definitely one of the stranger things left to a spouse or long-time partner.

19 September 2017

Is Transferring Your Home To A Living Trust The Right Estate Planning Option?


One of the considerations you and your partner need to make after buying a home is determining what happens to it after both of you have died. The home can be left to a relative in a will, but it could end up stuck in probate for weeks or months. You can potentially avoid this by transferring the ownership of the home to a living trust. Whether or not this is the right option for your home depends on several factors.

22 May 2017

Is Joint Tenancy Right For Your Estate Planning?


If you own real estate, part of your estate planning will include deciding what happens with it after your death. You can choose the probate court decide, or you can take action now so that the property is not tied up in court for months. One possible method of taking care of your property is to use joint tenancy. If you are considering this, here is what you need to know.  

13 March 2017

Does Your Retirement Plan Include an Out-of-Country Relocation? What Should You Consider?


Those who have spent their working years in a high cost of living area and are seeking a more laid-back pace of life (perhaps in combination with a warmer climate) during retirement shouldn't need to limit their search to the continental U.S. Many retirees have found new homes outside the U.S., particularly in countries with universal healthcare or a favorable exchange rate. If you're wondering whether an out-of-country relocation is a good idea for your own retirement, ask the following questions about real estate.

6 March 2017

Is A Will Set In Stone? Who Can Contest A Will And Why?


Wills aren't set in stone. There's several situations in which someone can contest a will. It's not easy to contest a will, but if it does happen, it can turn into a protracted legal battle. Who Can Contest a Will? There's a narrow category of people that can contest a will. People directly named in the will People directly named in older versions of the will Named beneficiaries Heirs to the estate Also, anyone who would have received a share of the estate if there were no will, can contest it.

24 February 2017